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Le bavoir bandana pour les touts petits - Papa Pique et Maman Coud

The bandana bib, the art of drooling with elegance!

It accompanies babies throughout the day by protecting their clothes from drooling. The bandana bib, practical and adorable, will match all your baby's outfits and protect him or her outside of mealtime. With this original bib, say goodbye to wet clothes when your baby is playing in the playpen or in the pram. Discover and fall in love with our colours below!

The bib, that little piece of absorbent cloth attached to baby's neck, which saves you many times from spit-up and other drooling. By protecting the clothes from drooling, it allows you to limit the number of changes in the changing bag. It is the essential accessory on the birth list for a very pretty and colourful gift. By opting for the bandana model, choose peace of mind but also style!

What are the advantages of the triangle shape?

The triangular shape of our bib gives it a unique and original design that looks more like a scarf. It will therefore have an aesthetic function in addition to its protective function, so you can match it with your child's outfits without hiding them. It is usually worn outside of mealtimes when your little angel is having fun, it is also suitable for a family walk or when attending ceremonies.

What to choose between cotton or cotton gauze?

At Papa Pique et Maman Coud, you can choose between a cotton or cotton gauze cloth, lined with terry cloth to soak up all the baby's drool. Opt for cotton and its fancy prints for its originality which then becomes a real accessory in your child's outfit. Or go for the soft plain gauze that will match your little one's clothes perfectly from birth.

What is the difference with the baby bib?

Like our baby bib, the bandana model is ideal for absorbing spit-up and excess drool. It will accompany your little one from birth to 6 months. It allows you to protect your child's clothes without hiding them like a real little bandana. It complements the classic cloth and sponge bib, which is more suitable for feeding time.

Why choose the Papa Pique et Maman Coud bandana bib?

We designed it so that all newborns can stay clean and elegant even with a bib! We have therefore paid great attention to aesthetics, thanks to our colourful patterns and prints, and also to quality. Indeed, it resists many machine washes and is not afraid to be chewed by its owner! On the practical side, it can be put on and taken off very easily thanks to a Velcro fastening, but will resist baby's repeated attempts to remove it.