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Papa Pique et Maman Coud bag straps

The PPMC bag strap is an accessory to add to the bowling bag to carry it as a shoulder bag and thus transport it more easily with you. Available in many colours, these bag straps with carabiner will allow you to make nice colour combinations with the printed colours of PPMC bowling bags.

This is the practical and comfortable size for carrying a large bag on your shoulder! Wide and thick, this shoulder strap will accompany you throughout the day. Its thick cotton fabric resists for a long time to chafing and prolonged use.

The uses of the large shoulder strap :

    Added to a sports bag, the large shoulder strap allows you to carry all your belongings on your shoulder so that your hands are free.
    Young parents use the large shoulder strap in addition to the bowling bag to easily attach it to the pram. Hands and shoulders are free!
    Of course, you can attach the shoulder strap to any bag with the carabiners on the strap.