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Bee wrap - Papa Pique et Maman Coud

The bee-wrap, the zero waste food packaging

True zero waste food packaging, the bee-wrap is yet another step towards a more responsible way of consumption. This fabric food packaging is the zero-waste alternative to plastic or aluminium films in order to not generate waste but also to avoid putting your food in contact with plastic. Available in two different sizes, this product has an almost unlimited lifespan because even if the beeswax that covers your bee-wrap comes off over the years, you can give it a second youth by ironing some organic coating wax! Are you convinced? Let yourself be tempted by this product, the result of a collaboration between Ah!Table! a brand of organic/zero-waste food accessories and Papa Pique et Maman Coud!

The bee-wrap prints were designed and created at Papa Pique and Maman Coud. Our creative and product development teams worked on the designs that you will find on your Ah!Table! reusable packaging. The models have been designed to be very colourful with geometric patterns to bring a touch of pep to your kitchen utensils.



Les Bee-wrap Bizz-Bizz ® rectangular



Les Bee-wrap Bizz-Bizz ® round



Beeswax for re-coating Bee-wrap Bizz-Bizz ®


How does the bee-wrap work?

The bee-wrap is the new companion to have in your kitchen. It is both easy to use and easy to clean. You can use it in different ways: to wrap your food directly in a zero-waste way or to cover a container. Nothing could be easier! The beeswax softens on contact with the heat of your hands and in a few seconds it takes the shape of the object to be wrapped.

What are the two types of bee-wrap offered by Papa Pique et Maman Coud?

At Papa Pique et Maman Coud we offer two different shapes of bee-wrap:

  • The set of 3 rectangular bee-wraps: In this set you will find three rectangular bee-wraps of different sizes (S (17 x 20 cm), M (25 x 30 cm) and L (30 x 50 cm). These bee-wraps are suitable for wrapping long foods such as courgettes, carrots or covering a rectangular dish for example.
  • The kit of 3 round bee-wraps: In this kit you will find three round bee-wraps 1 Bizz-bizz® of different sizes (Ø 20 cm, Ø 25 cm, Ø 36 cm). These round bee-wraps are ideal for covering dishes and pans but also for wrapping food such as apples directly.

Both kits are made of the same fabric and the same organic beeswax coating.

How do I maintain the bee-wrap?

To clean your bee-wrap after food contact, wipe the area to be cleaned with a cold sponge. Do not clean with hot water as the organic beeswax on the fabric may be washed off. Over time, the beeswax may need to be given a new look. To keep your reusable food packaging as long as possible, re-coat your fabric with the Ah!Table! re-coating wax offered on our website. To do this, place the wax on your fabric, cover it with baking paper and melt the wax with a hot iron. You've got a bee-wrap as good as new! You can also make your own bee-wrap by coating a fabric of your choice in the same way. Another way to avoid wasting a scrap piece of fabric!