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Carry all bag - Medium size

Adopt the medium tote bag, the bag that bends to your desires!

Papa Pique et Maman Coud designed a foldable fabric bag that you can take anywhere. A bag for all those who forget to take a shopping bag. It can thus be stored in the storage compartment of your car or in your large handbag. You will always have it on hand!

This plastic-coated fabric bag therefore has an ideal format for shopping, small errands or going to class. It can also be used as a beach bag or a small travel bag for a romantic weekend or with friends. You can take your essentials while protecting them from rain or drops of water.

Discover our nice selection of colored medium tote bags to offer or have fun!

What is the difference with the large tote bag?

Designed in the same way as the large PPMC tote bag, the medium model is also made of coated fabric and features a zipper, large handles, and still folds easily. The difference lies in the size of the tote. You must therefore choose your new bag according to your needs. If you are more of a big family, a lot of business or big shopping, go for the large model, otherwise go for the perfect everyday medium.

Do you like tote bags?

In addition to the tote bag, we also offer to all those who like the tote models, the bowling bag and the tote bag. They can both be used as a handbag, school bag or even a beach bag.