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Plasticised fabric bib for children: ideal for your child's dietary diversification.

The PPMC plastic bib is the must-have bib for all mothers when baby starts to diversify his diet. With its catch tray, you will no longer be afraid of applesauce and purée landing on your little girl or boy's clothes. Very useful, this cotton coated baby bib is suitable for children from 6 months onwards as soon as they enter the stage of food diversification.


Infinitely more useful and effective than a towel or nappy, which can still wipe the corner of your baby's mouth, the bib remains a symbol of infancy. It protects the chest and clothes from falling food as your toddler learns to eat. Mealtime is a time for sharing and with our bib, parents can spend it with their child with peace of mind as everything will be cleaned up with a simple wipe. This model is easy to put around the neck thanks to a Velcro fastening, and can be removed just as easily after baby has done his work. The coated fabric will also have many advantages when it comes to maintenance.

What is coated cotton?

The Papa Pique and Maman Coud plastic bib is made of coated cotton and a cotton terry lining. Coated cotton, or coated fabric, is obtained through a process called coating. This involves applying a layer of transparent PVC to a textile which, when dry, forms a "plastic" layer. To guarantee the quality of our fabric and to protect your health, all our coatings are made without phthalates.

What are the advantages of coated cotton?

The coated fabric provides a soft bib that you can easily fold and store in your changing bag. It's not only practical to carry, but also to use. Indeed, thanks to its small pocket that serves as a catchment area, it will catch any spills before they end up on your child's clothes. Finally, the plastic coating, which makes it waterproof, makes it much easier and quicker to clean. A quick wipe with a sponge is all that is needed to clean it after meals, which avoids the need for daily machine washing.

What is the difference with a plastic bib?

The plastic bib is more rigid than our plastic bib and can only be cleaned by hand with a sponge. With ours, you can store it more easily (it can be put in a handbag!) and it can be machine washed for optimal cleaning. This makes it more like a sleeveless apron bib.

Why is the plastic bib suitable for food diversification?

From the age of 6 months, the child enters the phase of food diversification. He will then start to change his eating habits by tasting different and increasingly solid foods, and will eventually eat like an adult. During this stage, which is very important for both children and parents, there is a great risk that food will slip out of your child's mouth and onto their clothes. This is where the plastic bib comes in, with its coated fabric and catch tray to catch any spills of purée or compote. This makes mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone!

Why choose the Papa Pique et Maman Coud plastic bib?

At Papa Pique et Maman Coud, we favour quality and aesthetics for all our children's products. That's why our coated cotton bibs are adorned with pretty printed fabrics that will make everyone fall in love with them and entertain your child with all their colours and patterns. We have also optimised the coated fabric for ideal colour retention over time. This fabric, which limits the number of times it is machine washed, maximises the strength and durability of our bib.