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The A5 document pocket: the ideal solution for organising your bag every day!

Fall for the new PPMC essential accessory for the new school year: the document cover! Like its big brother in A4 format, the A5 format can be taken everywhere and allows you to organise your belongings more easily. It can easily be slipped into your school bag or large handbag and becomes a real bag organiser. And if you want to carry it by hand, you can also attach a small strap to it and turn it into a hand strap. Elegant and practical, it is made of coated fabric for greater resistance!

Very practical, this A5 document holder allows you to carry small revision sheets, a small notebook, an agenda or an address book. You can also store pencils, post-it notes, your phone, and all the small supplies needed for a meeting or a lecture in the small outside pocket.

A good way to treat yourself and bring some colour to your school year.



How to use the A5 document case?

The PPMC A4 Document Pouch allows you to store all your office or school stuff and carry it with you easily. You can store your revision sheets, diary, notebook or small notebooks in it. Thanks to the small pocket on the front you can easily store your laptop or your favourite pens.

How to wear the A5 document cover?

The A5 document cover can be used as a compartment inside your favourite bag. You can also simply wear this pouch on your wrist by using a small removable strap. To do this, simply select a small strap that matches your document protector and attach it to the small tab on the side and you're done!

Our care tips

The A5 document cover is very easy to care for. You can simply wipe off a small stain with a sponge and water. If you can't remove the stain from your cover, put it in the washing machine at 30°C maximum to avoid damaging it.