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Adult Fleece Wrap: The Glamorous Solution for Cold Protection

No more cold spells. Put on your fleece wrap and face winter in style! Designed specifically for very low temperatures, this fleece wrap has a soft fleece inner part that keeps heat close to your neck. The outer side of this fleece snood is made of cotton fabric with pretty colors that cheer us up in the winter. Elegant but above all practical, the fleece wrap is easily put on and stays in place, say goodbye to the wrap that slides constantly. The neck circumference accessorizes very well a classic outfit by adding a touch cocooning and colorful.

Why choose the PPMC Faux Fur Fleece Wrap?

The fake polar fur of this neck circumference has been carefully selected to bring maximum softness and not scratch unlike a wool wrap. Moreover, the material protects against the cold and thus avoids the winter cold.
The cotton fabrics that make up the outer side of the fleece snood wrap are available in a wide variety of colors renewed each month according to our new collections. Thanks to our wide range, you will necessarily find the tube wrap around the neck that suits you.

How do I wear my thickened neck warmer?

To adopt a trendy look in the middle of winter, pair a patterned fleece neck strap with plain clothing to enhance an outfit while remaining sober. You can also play the assortment card by wearing for example a bag of the same color as your wrap tube.


How do I maintain my polar snood ?

To keep the soft side of fake polar fur for many winters we advise you to machine your tube wrap at 30°, so the cotton fabric and the fleece will be preserved