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The Big Vanity: the travel essential

The big Vanity is the essential for your travels, whether they are long or just for a weekend, the big Vanity is the beauty kit for the whole family. This small fashionable beauty bag, allows you to store all your products, hair accessories but also make-up brushes to carry them everywhere with you. You can find it in our trendy collections to match your Papa Pique et Maman Coud accessories and bags.


Essential for your vacation

Going on weekends, vacation or business travel, and looking for a kit large enough for all your products? Look no further, the large PPMC Vanity is the ideal luggage product. No more products tossed and broken by transporting in classic toiletry bags, the large Vanity is perfect for keeping your products upright and minimizing the risk of leakage. Made of coated cotton, it is flexible and waterproof which will prevent spills in your travel bag or suitcase. Composed of 7 compartments, one central and 6 others around, the large PPMC vanity is perfect for storing your hygiene products. The little extra is the flap of this small baggage which contains a pocket with a closure to slide in toothbrush, toothpaste and first aid kits (bandages, medicines ...) With the large Vanity, no need to accumulate the different kits , you can store a maximum of things in one. It's the handy little piece of luggage for the whole family!

What to put in my large Vanity?

This large Vanity allows you to organize all your toiletries:

- Your cosmetics: it is recommended for many cosmetics such as lotions, creams, make-up removers ... To keep them upright, that is to say, vertically to avoid any risk of the products overflowing or leaking.

- Your PPMC accessories: its large capacity allows you to take with you your scrunchies, scarves, barrettes and headbands daddy spades and mommy sews, they can even match the Vanity!

- Your beauty products and accessories: you can put your brushes, your makeup removing squares, your shampoos, your toothbrush and all your hygiene products.

- Your first aid kit: you will be ready for any nasty little words or little everyday ailments, with a few bandages and medicines in your large Vanity. You are now ready for your next vacation with this large Vanity!

How to maintain my Vanity?

A stain of foundation or pencil or even small dirt has crept into the folds of your Vanity? Don't panic, with a damp sponge you can clean it. Composed of coated cotton is machine washable at 30 ° C. We do not recommend any use in the dryer, the heat will damage the fabric, but also the size of this Vanity. We also recommend avoiding ironing and bleaching so as not to alter the characteristics of the base product.