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Papa Pique and Maman Coud large removable strap

Perfect for accompanying the companion bag and carrying it on the shoulder, the PPMC large bag straps are the bag accessory to have to change the style of your bag in a flash. Thanks to its two snap hooks, you can also adapt this adjustable strap to another bag and bring colour and originality to your look. The large strap can also be worn as a shoulder strap to carry your phone pouch and keep your hands free.

Which removable strap will you fall for?

Add a touch of colour to your look with PPMC's bag and clutch straps. Red, yellow or green, no matter what colour you wear, there will be one to match your bag perfectly. Practical and very trendy, the shoulder strap is the fashion trend to adopt.

The uses of the bag strap :

  • With a companion bag to carry it on the shoulder
  • With your PPMC phone pouch to keep your hands free 
  • With a pleated or fabric pouch to make a mini shoulder bag
  • With any bag in your wardrobe

Maintenance of the large strap: 

To easily care for your lanyard, you can put it in the washing machine at 30°. It will come out as fresh as it was originally and you can keep it for a long time to create more beautiful colour combinations.

Need a strap but a different size? 

Is this removable lanyard too small or too big for your needs? Papa Pique et Maman Coud offers you its small removable strap, perfect to wear your clutch as a strap for an evening out. You can also find the real shoulder strap, thicker, very practical and comfortable.