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Pochette enveloppe - Papa Pique et Maman Coud

The Small Envelope Pouch For a Chic Everyday Look

The bigger our storage space, the more we fill it up, sometimes to the point of not knowing where to put our heads and losing things. With the PPMC Small Envelope Pouch (11 x 15 cm), you only need to take the bare essentials with you! You can slip in your official papers such as your passport, identity card and driving licence for a trip.  The Petite Pochette Enveloppe is also perfect for everyday use as you can store tissues, Papa Pique et Maman Coud make-up remover squares from the Zéro Déchet range or sanitary towels. In addition, the 100% polyester lining ensures excellent quality, so be sure to machine wash your pouch at 30°C only to avoid damaging the fabric.



STEP 1 - I Choose My Small Envelope Bag



STEP 2 - I combine it with Une Grande Lanière...






STEP 3 - ... or a small strap



What to wear with my little Envelope Clutch?

Little summer dress, long skirt and turtleneck, suit... With about twenty different colours, the Envelope Pouch adapts to all styles and all occasions, always with a chic side thanks to the coated cotton fabric covered with a transparent PVC layer without phthalate. So you'll have no trouble matching your Pochette Enveloppe to your outfit, whether you're in a Girly, Rock N' Roll or Business Woman mood.

How to dress up my little Envelope Bag?

Accompany your Small Envelope Bag with a Small Lanyard for comfort and security, while keeping the aesthetic aspect of the bag. But the Small Envelope Pouch is just as suitable for children as for adults! Combined with a Large Lanyard, the Envelope Pouch becomes a little girl's bag (note that all types of lanyards are sold separately). You can also combine your Envelope Pouch with a PPMC Keyring Pouch, for example, so you don't lose it. Even hanging a key ring on it gives the Envelope Pouch, as well as your outfit, a touch of fantasy. Once you have adopted it, you will find it difficult to do without the Small Envelope Pouch.