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Long scarf: the must-have accessory for summer

The long scarf has become a fashion statement in recent years and is the must-have accessory for your hairstyles. It's a mix between a scrunchie and a scarf, this ribbon scrunchie from Papa Pique and Maman Coud will be your allies for quick, easy and above all very pretty hairstyles: around a tail or half-tail, a bun, low, medium or high.

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How do I style my hair with the PPMC long scarf?

Thanks to our trendy darling, you can achieve many different hairstyles very easily.

The timeless ponytail:

What could be easier than a ponytail? Tie your hair back with the scarf and make sure that the ribbon falls on both sides. You can also make a bow with your ribbon to give your hair more volume.

The bun:

To style your hair in a bun, simply roll your hair up to the height you want it to be. Once your bun is done, hang it up with the foulchie. Depending on the length of ribbon you want to leave hanging, let the ribbons hang from the foulchie as they are or tie a knot on the scrunchie to shorten them.

The braid revisited:

To begin, detach the ribbon from the foulchie. Then separate your hair into 3 strands. At the base of one of these strands, hang the ribbon. Then make your simple braid as usual. Once all your hair is braided, make a knot with the ribbon to hold the braid. And then, slip the scrunchie onto your wrist for a subtle reminder.

And for more fun, don't hesitate to mix and match the colours you love together. A scrunchie in one colour, a ribbon in another and you have a unique scarf.

How do I turn my scarf into a colourful fabric?

At Papa Pique and Maman Coud we love to develop products that can be accessorised and diverted according to your tastes and desires. The long scarf is a scrunchie around which we tie a piece of fabric. This piece of fabric can be used in several ways. You can wear your foulchie around your waist as a belt or around your wrist to make a dressy, personalised bracelet to add a touch of colour to your outfit. You can also wear it around your neck or rolled up and tied to your bag handles, which is very trendy. Finally, the colourful fabric of your scarf can also be used as a hair accessory. Wear it as a headband over your forehead and tied at the nape of your neck for a bohemian chic look, perfect for a ceremony or special event.


How do I care for the Papa Pique and Maman Coud long scarf?

Nothing could be easier. To wash all our fabric darlings, simply put them in the machine at 30°C with a low spin programme to avoid damaging the print. If you are afraid of damaging your scrunchie in the machine you can put them in a small net like your underwear or make-up remover. You can also wash your fabric hair accessories directly by hand with warm water and soap.