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Our Makeup Remover Square are back !


You've been asking us for them for a long time, here are our washable cleansing squares! At PPMC, we care about the environment and your well-being. This is why we have worked to offer you a reusable make-up removing square that is ultra-gentle on the skin (and validated by sensitive skin) that will also allow you to reduce your waste and your expenses. This washable cotton make-up remover, just like our mini make-up remover glove, allows you to take a first step towards zero waste and unconstrained cosmetics. Perfect at home or on the go, PPMC washable cottons will follow you on your trip for a gentle make-up removal routine. Also practical, each makeup remover square is equipped with a small tab that allows it to be hung!

And like at Papa Pique and Maman Coud, we love the color and the beautiful prints, discover a wide selection of washable make-up removing squares available in ten colored fabrics. Perfect to spice up your bathroom!

Do you want to offer make-up removing squares? Consider offering them directly in one of our small PPMC vanities. The size of our make-up removing squares has been specially adapted to our small vanity fabrics to facilitate their storage. This will allow you (yourself) to make useful and zero waste gifts!


Adopt without further delay the washable makeup remover square to reduce your waste in your bathroom, do good for your wallet and your skin!

How to use the PPMC makeup remover square?

Start by wetting your makeup remover square with lukewarm water before running it over your face to remove makeup. You can also use micellar lotion or cleansing milk to remove more stubborn makeup residue, like mascara. No need to rub, the soft texture of this washable cotton allows you to gently remove makeup without damaging your skin.

How to wash and dry your PPMC makeup remover squares?

We advise you to wash your make-up removing squares after each use, in the machine at 40 ° or 50 ° C.

To maximize their lifespan, it is best to use a washing net. This will prevent the makeup removing squares from sticking to the rest of the laundry.

To maintain maximum softness, put your make-up removing squares in the dryer.

What is the lifespan of a makeup remover square?

Each cotton has a lifespan of approximately 300 washes. A set of 7 PPMC makeup remover squares will therefore allow you to last almost a year.

Technical characteristics of the washable makeup remover square

  • Dimensions : 11.50 x 11.50 cm
  • 1 side printed fabric
  • 1 side sponge (white or ivory depending on the model)