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Mini purse or double-sided purse

A real must-have in the Papa Pique and Maman Coud accessories family, this mini purse is your perfect companion. With its mini size, it can be slipped in anywhere, it can be attached to your PPMC bags and pouches thanks to its small paste and allows you to carry your small coins, but not only! The PPMC mini-pocket can also hold your banknotes and one or several cards! That's a lot of advantages, you might say. But what is even better is that the double-sided wallet fits women, men and children equally well! Wonderful! Now, which colour(s) will you fall for?

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The PPMC double-sided wallet

Too practical, very cute and always original, at Papa Pique and Mama Coud, we have the perfect mini purse. What's more, the whole family can use it. Both men and women can find something to suit them among our classic and ephemeral collections! The mini purse is made up of two inverted pockets: one closed by a zip and the other by a snap. It can therefore hold coins, notes and cards and can be easily slipped into a handbag.

For children, it is the perfect first wallet! Thanks to its size and the fact that it is made of coated cotton with a clear phthalate-free PVC coating, it is more than robust. 

Caring for my wallet

Damn, your favourite wallet is starting to get dirty from being next to you every day? Don't panic, just put it in the washing machine at 30° and it's as good as new.