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petite pochette coton - Papa Pique et Maman Coud

The mini clutch bag for women is a must-have in different situations: ceremonies, parties, travels...

You can never have enough storage space for your small items! When travelling, you need something that can hold make-up and hair clips for the kids. The same goes for not losing important documents such as identity papers or car documents. And where to keep the phone charger? The Women's Mini Cloth Pouch (14.5 × 18 cm) made of cotton can do all this and more. It can be transformed into a small handbag with a small strap, and a summer bag with a large strap. With or without straps (sold separately), the possibilities are endless and give you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

Not only is the mini clutch bag ideal for carrying your belongings discreetly throughout the day, it can also be perfectly accessorised with your outfit. The numerous fabrics and patterns available will easily match your evening dress or your professional outfit to accompany you wherever you go.




STEP 1 - I select my bag


STEP 2 - I choose my envelope bag



STEP 3 - I tie them with a large strap


How to accessorize the PPMC mini cotton pouch?

The little PPMC fashion tip is to accessorise the small cotton pouch with the envelope pouch of your choice by linking them with a large matching strap. The result is very trendy and above all customisable as many times as you like!

How do I care for my mini fabric pouch?

It's easy to care for your cotton pouch. We advise you to wash it in the washing machine at 30°C to keep it as long as possible in your wardrobe!