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Through this page, PPMC editorial team shares with you its favourites websites. Find out few blogs that they selected for you, among the most touching and sweet...


Madame Maman offers lots of pretty sewing patterns for mothers and mothers-to-be.

This website helps you to realise many children clothes, you will also find fabrics and accessories.

A nice blog where creatives share their work...

Madame Maman

Petit citron

Petit citron : a treasure of informations ! 

For every seamstresses; whether you are beginner or experienced, Petit Citron is a very helpful website where you can find tutorials, technical skills, free sewing patterns,...Share and show your work with others!

This is the story of a brave and dynamic mother who creates pretty accessories for her disabled young daughter

Indeed, Veronique set up her own company, specialized in lovely absorbent and waterproof bibs-scarves, which allows children to stay clean and stylish!

Have a look on her blog: