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Adult Mask cosmo rouge ex1009

This product is no more available

Adult fabric barrier mask
> Washable and reusable mask
> High breathability
> Filtration guaranteed for up to 40 washes
> 3 layers: 100% cotton
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 Not available
7.00 € One
13.50 € Both   More details

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You will take benefit from this offer only if: you buy articles of the same category and the same unit price.

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a small pleated hair slide + a small starfish hair slide = same unit price (3.50€) + same category (small hair slide)
= decreasing price (6.50 € instead of 7 €).


Other examples :

a bowling bag + a tote bag-medium size = same unit price (29€) + same category (bag)= decreasing price (57€ instead of 58€)



NEW IN 2013: if you add a third article, it still working!


However: a bowling bag (29€) + a handbag (27€) = different unit prices therefore there is no decreasing prices.



See the 13 adult mask available colour in >

Adult fabric barrier mask
> Washable and reusable mask
> High breathability
> Filtration guaranteed for up to 40 washes
> 3 layers: 100% cotton
The PPMC fabric protective mask is a category 1 * “General Public” mask. It guarantees> 90% filtration for up to 40 washes.
The advantages of this Covid mask
> Beautiful: Finally colorful prints that give pep's and that can match our outfits!
> Extra soft for the skin: Material 100% cotton
> Environmentally friendly: Oeko-Tex fabric
> Comfortable: Very flexible and resistant elastic assembly
> Protector: Fine particle filtration efficiency (3 µm)> 90%
> Breathable: Air permeability 152 L.m-2.S-1
You will find in all our packaging a user manual for your protective mask. The number of washes indicated corresponds to the certification we have obtained.
Composition and characteristics
This barrier mask is made of 3 layers of fabric with 2 folds to cover the nose, mouth and chin.
> Outer layers (printed and plain fabrics): 100% cotton
> Mid layer (single-sided micro-fleece fabric): 100% polyester
> Dimensions: 21 x 8 cm
> Elastic support behind the ears.
Washing and Maintenance
> Before first use, wash your mask at 60 ° C
> Wear time <4 hours
> We recommend that you wash your mask at 60 ° C
> In order to restore it to its original shape and to smooth out the folds after washing, you can pull on the sides of your mask. This will allow you to give it a good shape before drying, so that it is more comfortable to wear.
Your safety
This mask makes it possible to complete barrier gestures, but it must be associated with the application of barrier gestures which are essential for the health of all
For hygiene reasons, we will not accept returns on masks.

* Category 1 “General Public” mask, the effectiveness of which has been measured and validated for 40 washes by the laboratories of DGA Control NRBC, 5 rue Lavoisier, 97170 Vert-Le-Petit (RP / 20-701 / DGA MNRBC / 2000305 / NP) and which withstands 40 washes (IFTH report n ° 2020-04-08-011 of 14 / 05.2020)

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