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Pochette banane - papa Pique et maman Coud

The fanny pack, the essential fashion accessory

A new clutch bag makes its grand appearance at Papa Pique et Maman Coud in limited edition! We all remember the 90's when it was a real fashion accessory, worn around the waist or as a satchel hanging from the belt. Here it is again, this fanny pack put forward by the greatest fashion designers in 2018 worn in a stricter and more sophisticated way while keeping its practicality. The fanny pack Papa et Maman Coud, declined in many colors, will be the fashion asset for all your looks. More than a bag, this vintage and trendy bag can be transformed into a school bag, a make-up bag or a fabric pouch to slip into your bag thanks to its small matching strap. For a trendy look for both summer and winter, accessorize your bag with a large strap to wear it around your waist or on your shoulder.

Like our new trendy bag? Don't hesitate, go for it!


STEP 1 - I select my fanny pack




STEP 2 - I choose a large lanyard to match my bag



STEP 3 - I tie my pouch to a small strap


Where does the fanny pack comes from?

If we start again from the beginning, the banana was born in the streetwear movement of the 90s where it became the essential of the wardrobe. It is the essential of the tourists even today they never separate themselves from it. It was also the mandatory accessory of the playground to store the balls won, we remember this little fabric bag often in fluorescent colors and different compartments to store all his stuff. Became Has been over the years and stored in the closet, it is now in front of the poster.

How to wear the fanny pack?

How to accessorize your oufit with a fanny pack? It has the advantage of offering different ways to wear it:

  1. At the belt, the banana belt is a basic since the 90s and one of the first reason for the manufacture of the banana bag: it is to wear it at the belt.
  2. On the shoulder, attached with a strap you can wear it as a shoulder bag.
  3. In hand, by removing the strap, in fabric pouch in hand to accompany your evening wear.
  4. In bag, paired with a large strap.
You will be able to hang on your belt of pants or with its strap shoulder strap, the banana bag will structure your held.

How to wash your coated banana bag?

To wash your beloved bag, nothing could be easier! Just put it in the washing machine at 30°. Your fabric bag will keep its quality and shine, which will follow you for many years...

What to do with my fanny pack when I don't want to wear it on my shoulder anymore?

The fanny pack offers you multiple possibilities. Worn as a handbag thanks to its large strap on the shoulder, hand or waist, this shoulder bag can also be used as a pencil case for school, work or travel. You can easily slip in more fragile objects, your phone charger or your headphones to avoid them getting tangled in your bag. This fabric pouch can also be turned into a toiletry bag. You can store all your accessories or beauty products as well as your jewelry.