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No more big wallets and cards scattered everywhere! The Papa Pique and Maman Coud card holder is a practical and lightweight way to protect your cards. Your 4 essential credit cards, loyalty cards and/or business cards can now find their place in our pretty card holder. It's small and original, so you can slip it in anywhere and take it with you wherever you go: it only takes what you need.

The ideal card holder for everyday use 

Nowadays, we prefer to carry only the essentials and therefore opt for small handbags. A small handbag means a big wallet! If you only use certain cards on a daily basis, leave the others in the wardrobe. The card holder is the perfect leather goods accessory to carry only the everyday essentials in your small bag. 

The perfect bag accessory 

Thanks to your Papa Pique and Maman Coud card holder, you won't lose your cards anymore! Your 4 essential cards will be gathered in the same place, without taking up any space. What's more, we offer our accessories in many colours to match your bag, your looks, your moods and the seasons. It's also a practical gift that's sure to please because it's indispensable. 

Convenient to slip into your wallet 

If you can't do without your wallet, don't panic: your little card holder slips in very easily. Indeed, for even more security, you prefer to keep all your cards, your change, small souvenir photos...but you still have some cards that you prefer. In this case, put your favourite cards in your small card cover and slip it into your wallet. Ultra practical, you'll just have to quickly take out your mini card holder and slip it into your little evening bag to carry only what you need.