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Our rabbit cuddly toy made of fabric and terry cloth, a cuddle for your baby

The rabbit cuddly toy is your child's future best friend. It will follow baby throughout his childhood, always at his side to fight monsters before sleeping, during walks or during his first steps. A must-have on every birth list, the cotton rabbit cuddly toy is designed to be easy for the baby to grab and pretty little soft ears accompany this pretty toy from the PPMC collections.



Why choose the rabbit cuddly toy ?

The rabbit cuddly toy has been designed so that the baby does not risk choking on it. Moreover, its playful shape of rabbit ears will be convenient for the little one who will be able to bite into it to reassure himself. The plush baby cuddly toy will guide your little baby to the wonderful land of dreams. 

Mommy's little advice, it is always better to have two soft toys in case of loss of one, it will avoid crises and panic for you parents.


Where to stow the rabbit plush ?

Very flexible, the rabbit cuddly toy can be stowed in any position, anywhere. It is therefore ready to slip into your PPMC carrier bag in the middle of the diapers, bibs, toilet bag and health book. 


How do I care for my rabbit plush ?

As the bunny cuddly toy is made of terry cloth and cotton fabric, it should be machine washed at 30°C. Your little one's bunny cuddly toy will keep him company for a very long time!