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Papa Pique et Mama Coud's little bag lanyard

This little bag strap is super practical because it is multifunctional. In fact, it can be used for different purposes. You can hang your small removable strap inside your Papa Pique et Maman Coud bag thanks to the little tabs on the bag. This will allow you to hang a pouch or your keys on it so you don't lose them. For an evening out, you can hang your short strap on your cotton pouch for a trendy look.

Little girls can also find their happiness by putting their little PPMC strap on their favourite little pouch to do like mum.

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The different uses of the PPMC bag lanyard

    To find something in your bag easily: hang the small strap on the inside of your bag and hang your keys or a small pouch on it so that you always have it within easy reach.
    A mini handbag for little girls: little girls like to do what mum does. So to give them their own little handbag, attach a strap to a small pouch and that's it!
    Wear your clutch bag on your wrist: You can attach a strap to your clutch bag or your companion bag to wear it elegantly on your wrist.

Who is the small lanyard for?

Children and adults alike can use this lanyard as it has so many possible uses. Why not try the matching parent/child look with a small accessory that helps you stand out?