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A small, customisable handbag to carry in the hand or on the shoulder

Sac compagnon Sac&Zip avec rabat interchangeable Papa Pique et Maman Coud



STEP 1 - Start by choosing the coated fabric Companion Bag base you like...


STEP 2 - Then select one or more flaps to customize your companion bag



STEP 3 - Choose a strap if you want to carry your companion bag on your shoulder


The companion: your bag for all occasions

Invited to a party, a birthday party or just a day at work? Change your bag to suit the occasion with the companion bag. Its small size allows you to take it everywhere with you. Simply change the flap to match your outfit and that's it! Thanks to this clever bag, you will always look good and never get tired of it. Every month a new fancy collection is released, so you can renew your flap collection regularly.

The advantages of the companion bag with removable flap:

    Its small size allows you to carry only the minimum amount of stuff without taking up too much space.
    You can carry it in your hand as a clutch or on your shoulder as a shoulder bag.
    The coated fabric protects your belongings from moisture and makes it durable and easy to clean.
    Thanks to the interchangeable flaps, you can save money by changing only the flap as you wish.

The Sac&Zip concept: several bags for all your needs

Who hasn't dreamt of having a bag for every day of the week? With the Sac&Zip concept, it is now possible. Papa Pique and Maman Coud have designed a range of bags with removable flaps. Simply choose a base and zip up the flaps as you wish. For students and working girls, the large messenger bag is suitable for notebooks and computers. For everyday use, the small bag is perfect for carrying your essentials (keys, purse, phone...)