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Papa Pique and Maman Coud sports bags: a breath of fresh air for your sporting activities

Need a sports bag? Fall for the Papa Pique et Maman Coud duffel bag, suitable for both women and children. Easy to carry in addition to your handbag when you leave work or your school bag, it will follow you everywhere to practice your favourite sport. It can also be used on a daily basis to go to work or to go away for the weekend and take just the necessary things to spend a pleasant stay with your lover or friends.

The duffle bag, the ideal model for sports & fitness

Why is this bag suitable for all sports?

Whether you are running, gym, fitness, strength training or swimming, this bag shape will accompany you everywhere. Indeed, thanks to its coated fabric material, it remains supple, lightweight and waterproof in all circumstances. You will be able to slip your sports shoes (dimensions of 42 x 22.5 cm, inside polyester). You can also store your subscription card, your phone and your car keys with its outer pocket and find them in the blink of an eye.

Why buy a coated cloth bag?

Our beautiful bag will adapt to all your sports desires and here’s why:

- With its large compartment and zippered outer pocket, you can put all the things you need to practice your favourite sport. It is very convenient to carry your sports shoes or swimmer’s kit (towel, swimsuit, sandals, etc.).

- Beautiful and original with its colourful patterns, you won’t go unnoticed when you walk through the gym door.

- A sturdy but flexible bag thanks to the coated fabric that you can take on each of your sports outings, without fear of seeing a handle or the bag tear.

- With him, opt for comfort: carry it by hand or shoulder, depending on your preference. Its removable and adjustable shoulder strap fits all sizes.

- With him, opt for comfort: carry it by hand or shoulder, depending on your preference. Its removable and adjustable shoulder strap fits all sizes.

A bag coordinated to his outfit

Thanks to the wide variety of colors we offer, find the perfect bag by matching it to your sports outfit. Indeed, our pretty patterns will bring a touch of color and fantasy to your sports sessions. It can be transformed into a real fashion accessory and be worn daily. You can wear it when you go to work to slip a sweater, your calendar, and a snack. For children, it can also be used to spend the weekend with their grandparents. They will be able to put spare clothes, their blanket, a book and why not some candy.

Get into the habit of using a soft, lightweight bag

The sport bag PPMC is ideal for sports practice because, thanks to the coated fabric, it shows great flexibility. It will fit perfectly into your locker at the gym or pool, taking the shape of the gym and can be folded easily to store at home. The advantage of the fabric is also its lightness. Children can use this bag to go to their tennis, gym, martial arts or football sessions.


A bag suitable for travel

Our bag is also suitable for travelling and especially for a weekend getaway. Indeed, its capacity allows to carry some clothes and a toilet bag.

If you leave by car you can keep it on your lap or at your feet throughout the journey. Light, it will be very convenient when carpooling, for example.

If you leave with your lover or girlfriends on the weekend and take the plane, you can use it as carry-on baggage because its dimensions respect the authorized size (55 x 35 x 25 cm). You can store your valuables, a jacket in case of temperature change and also a small snack. You can store your bag next to you in the luggage compartment above your seat or under the seat in front of you.


Looking for other models of sport bags?

For the practice of sport we also advise you to take a look at our bowling bag. Its A4 format will allow you to use it to go to work, to the beach and of course for any sports activity. You can also turn to our foldable backpack, which you can store anywhere. It will be very convenient to carry if you go to your daily exercise session by bike. It is also suitable for children who prefer to carry a backpack rather than a handbag or shoulder bag. For toddlers who discover the sport and have little business to take, you can offer them a small backpack that adapts to their size thanks to its adjustable handles.