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Sac petite besace Sac&Zip avec rabat amovible


Are you a fashion fan who likes to go for the essentials? Then the small messenger bag is for you! Thanks to the zip concept of our Sac & Zip range, you can easily change the flap according to your desires. To do this, nothing could be simpler: simply unzip your removable flap and replace it with another one. A day out in the summer? Choose a flowery flap. A day at work? Go for a plain flap. The medium size of this bag and its shoulder strap allows you to move around lightly and carry all the necessities of an active and stylish woman. In the little Papa Pique et Maman Coud messenger bag, you can slip in: a wallet, your phone, your keys, a pocket with your beauty essentials and even a small diary.


STEP 1 - Start by choosing the small coated fabric bag you like...


STEP 2 - Then select one or more flaps to personalise your Papa Pique et Maman Coud bag

What are the advantages of the small removable flap bag?

    - This customisable bag offers an infinite number of possible combinations thanks to its interchangeable flaps
    - The small bag is easy to carry thanks to its compact size
    - Made of coated fabric, the PPMC Sac&Zip is resistant, waterproof and easy to clean
    - Save money with your Sac&Zip: No need to buy several bags, only the flaps need to be changed!

A small shoulder bag for a maximum of fantasy

Choose a base for your new besace: you have a coated cotton shoulder bag that will allow you to give free rein to your creativity and to all possible associations. Then choose one or more coated fabric flaps to match your little cotton bag. In no time at all, you will be able to coordinate your handbag with your clothes or your accessories and clutches. You will be able to change your style every month thanks to our new flaps made of fabrics from the new Papa Pique and Maman Coud collections.

Thanks to its removable flaps, you can enjoy an infinite number of bags for the price of one.

This ingenious zip system will allow you to keep your bag for a long time, by changing your flaps at will. The flaps follow the trends and are constantly renewed! You can carry this bag on your shoulder or across your chest... as you wish. A perfect gift idea for young girls and their mothers. Clever: the removable flaps can be lent (or exchanged) between girlfriends or between mothers and daughters. This way you can change your style more often. A great way to change your bag without having to empty it.

Looking for a larger shoulder bag to fit even more stuff in? Ideal for mums who always have their arms full as well as students, the Sac&Zip large shoulder bag offers the same advantages as the small shoulder bag in a larger format!