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The Papa Pique et Maman Coud big scrunchie 

The iconic scrunchie has been making a comeback in recent years. Very fashionable in the 90s, it is once again the trendy accessory of the moment. You can achieve many colourful hairstyles with it and we've made a selection of our favourites: the duvet, the half-tail, the coiffed-decombed bun or a braid. You can also wear it on your wrist for a pretty bracelet that you can take off at any time during the day to hang your hair up.

Discover our multitude of scrunchies for all tastes

What are the advantages of the scrunchie?

The scrunchie has become a new trend over the last few years and is an essential accessory to have in your bathroom! Here's why Papa Pique and Maman Coud's scrunchies will make your day:

  • The cotton or cotton gauze fabric (depending on the model) leaves little or no trace, which is very practical when you want to change your hairstyle when you get off work to meet up with your girlfriends or boyfriend !
  • Our many colours will allow you to find the ideal scrunchie to give a romantic, vintage, bohemian or original style to your mane.
  • Softer on the hair than metal or rubber elastics, they allow you to tie your hair up without the risk of damaging it.
  • Did you drop it on the floor and get it dirty? Don't worry, you can even put it in the washing machine to clean it !

What type of hair is the big favourite for?

You want to fall in love with this iconic accessory but you don't know which one corresponds to your hair type, we reveal you all their secrets! The big scrunchie is perfect for a woman's thick hair, especially wavy, curly and curly hair with lots of volume. For finer, straighter and wavy hair with little volume, the small model, which also exists with a bow, is more suitable.


How do I wear a scrunchie?

This pretty fabric elastic is the ideal accessory for tying up your hair without damaging it. But there are also a few rules to follow to take care of your hair when you do a scrunchie hairstyle.
For starters, don't over-tighten your scrunch as this can break your hair, pull on the hair follicles (where the hair is born) and can also lead to headaches.
When your scrunchie elastic is overstretched, replace it immediately as you will tend to pull it tighter to hold your hair in place.
Also, be careful not to tie them up when they are wet as the humidity makes them softer and more brittle and therefore more likely to break.
Finally, don't pull your scrunchie out in one go as some can get stuck in it and be pulled out. To avoid this, remove it gently and carefully, undoing it one turn at a time.


How to store your hair elastics?

If, like us, you have a nice collection of scrunchies and you don't know where to put them, here are some storage ideas:

  • A glass candy jar or a pretty box to turn your storage into a decoration;
  • A small cloth bag or pouch to put them wherever you want;
  • A large carabiner to catch your favourite more easily;
  • A homemade fabric storage basket;
  • Dedicate a drawer in your dressing table to keep them scattered without getting lost.

How do I choose the fabric and pattern for my favourite?


Want to fall in love with one of the PPMC collections but don't know which fabric or pattern to choose? Here's a little guide to help you!

Choosing the fabric

Our machine-washable scrunchies are available in cotton or cotton gauze. For a nice crinkle effect, choose gauze. Very soft, it is also ideal for babies' and little girls' hair. Cotton is suitable for all hair types and protects them from elastic.

Which pattern to choose?

Match your hair scrunchie to your outfit. For a classic look, choose a plain, light colour such as light oxford or pink or thin jeans. If you're in the mood for a splash of colour, go for plain colours like bright green, ochre yellow or tangerine. And if you love patterns that give a touch of originality, make your selection from our new collections.


Ordering and delivery times

For cheap hair scrunchies, buy several in the same category and at the same unit price and benefit from our discounted prices (excluding products on sale, special offers and low prices). You can choose to have your order delivered to your home, to a post office or to collect it free of charge from the shop of your choice.