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It’s in season! We bring out the rain hats at Papa Pique et Maman Coud

Rain hats are the allies of children who pout their hoods, women in strollers, those who always forget their umbrella... or simply those who like to protect themselves from the rain with style without cluttering their hands. Thanks to their cotton exterior coated with our waterproof hats, you will be perfectly protected from the rain. Soft and lightweight, these stylish rain hats fold and fit into any bag. Discover our selection of chic and colorful women’s rain hats, available in 2 sizes, for children and women. If the size 2 is suitable for children and the size 3 is more suitable for adults, we invite you to measure your head circumference and to refer to our guide of sizes for hats. In case of doubt, you can contact our customer service.

The benefits of our rain hats? They have an adaptable link that allows you to adjust your hat so that it fits perfectly to your head circumference.

T2 rain hats for children from 4 years old and young adults (between 52 and 55 cm)

The T2 rain hats are suitable for children, teenagers and adults with a head circumference of between 52 and 55 cm. They are thus perfectly adapted to children from 4 years and can be suitable for an adult with a small head circumference (the average adult is 56 cm). Nice, practical and lightweight, the rain hat for girl fits easily into a schoolbag. Ideal for children during recess and school trips.  Thanks to the tie behind the head, this adjustable rain hat will accompany your child for several years.

Rain hats T3 for adults (56-58 cm head circumference)

The T3 rain hats has been designed for elegant and active women who do not like (or cannot) clutter up an umbrella. A shower during a shopping trip, when leaving school with the children or during your walk at the market? Can’t hold an umbrella when your hands are already taken! Thanks to the rain hats, you can protect yourself from the elements in complete freedom. This waterproof hat is suitable for women and men whose head circumference is between 56 and 58 cm. Thanks to the adjustable link on the back of the head, you can perfectly adapt your hat.

Why do we love it? Because it doesn’t take a place in a bag, because it doesn’t fly away and because you can keep it year after year! It is a timeless.

Taille T0 T0+ T1 T2 T3
Head circumference 43 - 45 cm 46 - 48 cm  49 - 51 cm 52 - 55 cm

56 - 58 cm

Rain hats      

Rain hats T2

Rain hats T3


Why should you prefer a rain hat over an umbrella?

Space saving: Practical, the rain hat folds and does not take up space in a bag.

Comfort and freedom: Put your waterproof hat on your head and keep your hands free!  Ideal when you wear your groceries, walk with your children or a stroller.

Durable: No more umbrellas that turn and fly at the slightest gust of wind. Your rain hat protects you from the weather and will never leave you!

For a unique and elegant style: The waterproof hats Papa Pique and Maman Coud come in a dozen colors and bring a touch of color to your autumn outfits.

Perfectly waterproof: We take the utmost care in the coating of fabrics and in the manufacture of our rain hats in waxed canvas. Thanks to the lamination of the fabric on the outside and the seams perfectly watertight, our rain hats girl and woman will protect you durably.