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Which bag to choose for the first day of school?

For kindergarten, you can choose between a small backpack and a vintage schoolbag. The small backpack is perfect for toddlers. It will accompany them from nursery school to the beginning of kindergarten. You can store a few spare things in it as well as their little blanket in its front pocket. The satchel is the first real big bag for your little one. This vintage bag is ideal for the start of kindergarten. It has been specially designed to meet their needs with interior pockets that can easily hold everything your child needs.

The older children who are entering primary school can opt for the larger PPMC backpack which is foldable. In addition to being very aesthetic, it's also very practical. With just two or three swipes of the hand, your bag folds up and takes up no space. The sports bag is also a good alternative for extracurricular outings or for PE lessons.

For secondary school, the foldable backpack is once again the school accessory that we recommend for your child. Thanks to its adjustable handles, it adapts perfectly to all body types. Your teenager can also opt for a sports bag, ideal for PE lessons. Our beloved fanny pack can also be used as a pencil case. With its large capacity and bright prints, it's a hit with everyone and is very practical to slip into your backpack.

Once you've arrived at university, we like to be less heavy. That's why we offer you the bowling bag, which doubles as a handbag and a school bag. Slip in your little colourful Papa Pique et Maman Coud fabric pouch to store everyday items that are important to you: chargers, headphones, tissues, keys, etc.

How do I use my Papa Pique and Maman Coud accessories?

At PPMC we love to give our items several uses. Once school is over, we don't leave our school items aside but give them a second life. Use your school bag as a make-up bag or as storage for your brushes or jewellery. You can easily use the bowling bag or the sports bag for a weekend trip to store a few things and your toiletries. The small backpack is perfect for short walks with the family or for going to the park. You can put toys and your toddler's snack in it.

How do I care for my PPMC school items?

Like most of our Papa Pique and Maman Coud items, to keep your beloved colourful accessories for as long as possible, we advise you to put them in the washing machine at 30°C maximum and to choose a low spin programme to avoid damaging the fabrics.