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Choose our versatile storage bag: it will follow you everywhere!

Having a small, pretty, practical and resistant bag is possible thanks to Papa Pique and Maman Coud and their waterproof fabric storage bag. This small storage bag made of coated fabric is compact in size, which makes it very practical for organising yourself in a colourful way and planning what you need when you go out (only what you need, not the whole house!). You can put it in a cabinet in your living room to store your various power cables (from console, phone, tablet...). In your bathroom, you can slip in beauty products, your collection of scrunchies and barrettes or, if you have a baby, your baby's nappies. If you like crafts, you can also store your sewing kit or small craft tools inside.

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The advantages of the storage bag:

Like the large tote bag, this small storage tote is made of coated fabric to protect the things you are going to store inside from the water. And like the bowling bag, it has a zipper. Everything you put inside will therefore be kept safe. Its small size is also ideal for storing small things that are often difficult to store (small toys, scrunchies, hair clips, etc.) and it can also be transformed into a vanity.

Technical characteristics of the fabric storage bag:

  • Cotton handles.
  • Coated cotton bag.
  • Dimensions: base 14 cm x 27 cm, height 21 cm.
  • Machine washable at 30°.