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Tote bag

Fall for the tote bag, the must-have bag in your collection of bags. Designed to be taken anywhere, its design and flexibility allow you to use it in different ways.

A pretty colorful tote bag handbag that will allow you to take your wallet, keys, a water bottle and even a small snack to taste it. You can also transform it into a beach tote bag that will allow you, like the average tote bag, to enjoy the sun on your own. You can slip inside, your towel, your swimsuit, your favorite book, a water bottle to hydrate yourself and your sun protection. Similar to the large tote bag, our cotton tote bag can also be folded up and slipped into your purse for use when shopping or shopping to easily carry your purchases.

Discover our selection of tote bags adorned with pretty colors for women, little girls who want to be like their mom and also for teenagers who love this very trendy format.

How to personalize your Papa Pique et Maman Coud tote bag?

Offer an adorable PPMC tote bag, an original gift idea for a mistress, a young girl or one of your friends. And to personalize it, fall for one of our small hair clips and hang it on one of the handles to give it a touch of fantasy.

Technical characteristics of the tote bag:

  • 100% cotton bag.
  • Dimensions: height of 37 cm, width of 34 cm.
  • 62 cm shoulder straps.
  • Machine washable at 30 °.