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The headband: a timeless classic

The headband has made a comeback in the last few months. At PPMC, we have been offering them for years, which is why our range of headbands is so wide.
For children, there are slimmer and more delicate headbands that fit perfectly to the size of a child's head.  With these pretty headbands, you can easily style your little girl's hair before school thanks to our headbands with figurative and childlike designs. Also choose this hair accessory for special occasions with a choice of headbands in plain fabric, it clears the face nicely and allows a pretty pair of earrings to be seen.

Contrary to popular belief, headbands are not just for little girls. Women too can add a chic and quirky touch to their look. Whether you want to add a touch of colour to your outfit, or to keep your eyes clear without being bothered by your hair, a headband can be a great addition to any occasion.



How to choose a headband?

At PPMC, all hair types have the right to their own headband. Follow our advice to choose your new trendy hair accessory: Fine and rather straight hair will prefer a small bow headband that will delicately straighten the hair without covering the whole head. Thick and/or curly hair will prefer large headbands to provide better support for the hair. The large headband is also suitable for active people who really want to keep their face clear.

At what age can a child wear a headband?

Our headbands are adapted to be worn by little girls from the age of 2 for the smallest headbands.  The knotted headbands are a little bigger and are more suitable for little girls from 4 years old but also for adults because they are quite flexible. The large headband is suitable for both women and girls. This wide range makes it possible to create matching mother-daughter looks.

Why choose PPMC headbands?

At PPMC, choice and originality are the priorities. Every two months, you will find two new collections with ever more surprising designs. Your hair accessory drawer will always be filled with the latest trends in a range of different styles: floral, geometric, fantasy...
What's more, the bows on the little headbands are removable and can therefore be taken off for a more classic style but also exchanged for more creative colour combinations.
Our headbands are carefully selected so that they are flexible and pleasant to wear for all ages.