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The headband has made its big comeback in the trend for a few months. At PPMC, we have been offering it for years, which is why our headband offer is so wide. For children, find finer and delicate headbands that fit perfectly the size of a child’s head. These cute headbands make it easy to style your little girl before school with our figurative and childish headbands. Opt also for this hair accessory for special occasions with a choice of headband in plain fabric, it beautifully clears the face and allows to leave visible a pretty pair of earrings. Contrary to popular belief, the headband is not reserved only for little girls. Women too have the right to add a chic and offbeat touch to their look. To bring a touch of color to an outfit, or to clear your sight without being bothered by her hair, the headband will accompany you in all occasions.

Serre-Têtes Fins

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Serre-têtes fins Papa Pique et Maman Coud

Serre-Têtes Noeuds

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Serre-tête noeud pour filles et adultes - Papa Pique et Maman Coud

Serre-Têtes Larges

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Serre-tête large en tissu pour filles et femmes - Papa Pique et Maman Coud




How to choose your headband ?

At PPMC, all hair types are entitled to their headband. Follow our tips to choose the best for your new trendy hair accessory: Fine and rather smooth hair can favor a small headband knot that will gently straighten the hair without encompassing the entire hair. Thick and/or curly hair will prefer wide headbands in order to benefit from a better maintenance of the hair. This large headband will also be adopted by the most active who really want to have a clear face..

At what age can a child wear a headband? ? 

Nos serre-têtes sont adaptés pour pouvoir être portés par les petites filles à partir de 2 ans pour les plus petits serre-têtes fins.  Les serre-têtes nœud sont un peu plus grands et conviennent plus à des petites filles à partir de 4 ans mais aussi aux adultes car il est assez souple. Le serre-tête large est adapté aussi bien aux femmes qu’aux fillettes. Cette large gamme permet de créer des looks assortis mère-fille.

Why choose PPMC headbands? ? 

At PPMC, choice and originality are the priorities. Every two months, find two new collections with ever more surprising patterns. Your hair accessories drawer will always be filled with the latest trends in a plethora of different styles: floral, geometric, fantasy… In addition, the nodes of the small headbands are removable and can therefore be removed for a more classic style but can also be exchanged for more creative color combinations. Our head greenhouses are carefully selected to be flexible and comfortable to wear for all ages.