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serviette élastique enfant ppmc

The elastic cotton napkin to accompany your children to the canteen

The Papa Pique et Maman Coud cotton fabric napkin is ideal to help your children to become independent during their meals. Lightweight, it slips easily into a small backpack and can be easily hung around the neck thanks to its elastic. It has been designed to be wider at the bottom to avoid any risk of spilling onto clothing. The small cloth towel is available in a wide range of our children's colours and has a cotton terry lining for extra protection.


What are the advantages of the trapeze shape?

The trapezoidal shape of our elastic towel provides better protection. The children's cotton napkin has been designed to be wider at the bottom to prevent spills. This way, your child can eat without worrying about staining his or her clothes.

Which bag can I use with the elastic napkin?

More and more children like to choose their own accessories and bags for school. Our children's accessories are available in a wide range of children's prints, so you can mix and match.

- You can choose a small backpack for your child's first day at school. With its small size it is perfect for the little ones. You can easily put the elastic towel in its small front pocket and the comforter and spare parts in its large central pocket.

- The lightweight Papa Pique and Maman Coud schoolbag is the other alternative. This vintage backpack is perfect for your child's kindergarten years. It adapts to all sizes and shapes thanks to its adjustable handles. To withstand all tests, this schoolbag has been designed in a coated fabric that is ultra resistant and waterproof.

Why choose the Papa Pique and Maman Coud elastic towel?

This elastic briefcase is ideal for children from 2/3 years old who are starting school. It allows them to be more independent when they go to the canteen. Thanks to its elastic band, it is very easy to put on for your little ones. It has also been designed to be wider (35 x 31cm) at the bottom to prevent food from falling onto their clothes.

How do I care for the elastic towel?

Keeping your child's cotton cloth or cotton gauze towel clean is simple. Just put it in the washing machine at 30°C.