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How to divert my foulchie Papa Pique et Maman Coud

The long scarf, we love it to make ponytails or simple buns but with a touch of fantasy. But today, we decided to tell you about the many ways to divert your favorite Papa Pique and Maman Coud scarf!  

The foulchie on the handle of your bag

To give a little twist to your bowling bag or your large or medium tote bag, opt for the long foulchie. 

Ephemeral collection

Take for example your tote bag from an ephemeral collection and buy one or two long scarves from the same collection. Then, take only the scarves of your scarves and fold them flat. On the beginning of one handle of the bag, make a knot with the scarf and twist it around and along the length of the handle. Make a second knot at the end to secure the whole thing. If you have a second foulchie, repeat the process on the other handle. That's it, you've twisted your Papa Pique et Maman Coud bag!  

Classic and ephemeral collection

If you have a plain bag, for example a golden linen bowling bag. Choose one or two scarves from an ephemeral collection to match your bag. You can opt for a collection with a touch of glitter as a nod to the linen of your bag. Using the scarf from your scarfie, tie a knot on the base of the bag handle and twist it around the handle. Secure it with a second knot at the other base of the handle. Repeat on the second handle. If the length of the scarf allows, you can drop a piece of the scarf over your bag. To play on the total matching look, do not hesitate to crack on bag accessories such as an envelope clutch from the same collection as your scarves. You can discreetly make your clutch bag over your scarves to make a statement.  

The turban foulchie in BB style

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year, we see it everywhere. For this hairstyle, use only the ribbon of your foulchie. Tie it around your head by making a small knot on the side of your neck and let the long side fall on your shoulder.  

The stylized braid

Make a braid but consider your foulchie ribbon as a hair strand in its own right. To finish your braid, tie it with the scrunchie of your foulchie. Your braid will be original and delicate with color inside for a style to defy all odds!  

The foulchie belt

Over jeans, high-waisted pants, shorts or a dress, the foulchie ribbon serves as a belt and gives you an unstoppable style. For the slimmer among us, you can go around your waist with your ribbon. For the rest of us, put your ribbon through the first few waistbands of your stocking and tie a bow in the middle!