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The tote bag: what are the differences between the medium and the large?

If there is one bag that you must have at home and ready to use, it is the tote bag! Whether it's medium or large, it's the bag that's useful for everyone and in many situations. At Papa Pique et Maman Coud, we offer two tote bags, the medium and the large. Each one has different uses, depending on the needs or the size of the family.
To help you choose, in this article, we present you their differences, but also their common points.

You hesitate on the way? Here are its advantages!

Obviously smaller than the big one, the medium tote bag is ideal for a person's daily life. It can be used for small errands, to go to the library, during your shopping trips and thus slip your purchases instead of accumulating several bags on your arm. 
If you practice a sport activity such as yoga, fitness or swimming for example, and which requires little equipment, the medium tote bag is enough to hold your outfit, a water bottle, a small towel and a small beauty bag for after the session. 

Is the weather nice and warm? Then run to the beach with your pretty tote bag that easily holds a beach towel, sunscreen, a book, a water bottle... You will be the envy of many! 

Planning a weekend trip? Prepare your bag with everything you need for 2 days without overloading yourself during the trip. 
You are a student and you are overwhelmed by notebooks? The tote bag will allow you to gather what you need for your day at school. 

I discover medium bag

Every week, you go to your sewing, knitting, embroidery class... this bag will be enough to hold all your material and your work in progress.
Aesthetically, the medium tote bag has a nice pleating on both sides at the flap closed by pressure. We love this little feminine touch! 

You hesitate about the big one? Here are its advantages!

Large family, the big tote bag can be very useful ! At the beach, at the pool, at the grandparents' house... it is ideal to store all their stuff.  

A special event with the kids like the school fair? Don't hesitate and take your bag with you. It can hold your water bottle, caps, sunscreen, all the toys they will win and your personal belongings. Words from a mom! 

It's almost the weekend and you're going away? Don't forget to take your big, roomy, practical bag to fit 3-4 outfits and a big vanity. 

The large bag

Their common points?

Despite their small differences, the two bags have common points that will make you quickly fall in love with them. 
  • The small inside pocket is perfect to put your keys or your phone and always have them at hand. 
  • As for practicality, the tote bag can be folded and then easily stored in your large handbag, in the car's pocket, in the suitcase or in the hall closet ready to be used right away! (Watch our video on how to fold it here) 
  • The coated fabric, resistant and waterproof, is flexible and thus facilitates its use. 
  • It can be cleaned daily with a sponge and can be machine washed at 30°. 
  • Depending on the size, the bag can be carried on the shoulder or in the hand thanks to its two handles. 
  • And to be more serene, both bags close with a zipper for more security. 
  • For the look, you can choose between colored fabrics for more fun in everyday life or plain for a more classic look.  
Any other ideas? If you don't want to use it as a bag anymore or because it has served you well, use it in the kids' room to store the multitude of comforters. For the creative moms out there, cut the fabric for another use and turn the bag into a child's apron or small baskets for the bathroom. Long live upcycling! 

So, which model should you choose? Medium or large? But let's be honest, the hardest choice to make is choosing the color or pattern because everything is so beautiful!