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Card Holder Vichy Noir

This PPMC coated fabric card holder is a simple and elegant accessory designed for the active life. This flat format model includes 2 flaps and 4 pockets for credit cards, vital cards and all your main cards. This bag accessory fits easily into your companion bag or other handbag.  
An ideal gift Pour elle
Age Range Adolescent 9 -12 ans, Adulte 13 ans et +
Composition 4 étuis transparents
Sizes L 8 x H10,5 cm
Main material Coton enduit
open size L 16 x H 10,5 cm
Interior material Doublure 100% polyester
It is the perfect bag accessory, you can import your 4 essential cards to go out.  
Your card holder is also the nice accessory to slip everywhere, in your wallet, in your cotton pocket, in your small companion bag, its size is ideal and can be slipped everywhere.  
Adopt the Papa Pique and Maman Coud ultra practical and light card holder to protect your cards. Your 4 essential credit cards, loyalty cards and/or business cards now find their place in our pretty card protector. Very mini and original, it slips everywhere and accompanies you daily without encumbrance: bringing only the necessary. 
We recommend that you protect your product from moisture and keep it away from direct heat sources, such as radiators and car interiors in the summer. 
To clean the coated fabric, we advise you to take a damp sponge and pass it over your card holder. Make sure you never use solvents. Let it dry in the open air.  
If you have any questions about your card holder, please contact our customer service or one of our PPMC stores. 
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