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Coated fabric herbier rose Coated fabric herbier rose

Coated Fabric Herbier Rose

€9.00 /m
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Coated material.
100% coton printed material with matt coating.
Coating without phthalates.
width : 158 cm.
weight (before coating) : 180 g/m².
Please indicate the quantity of meters you want in the square "quantity" The indicated price is per meter 1cm=0.39 inches
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  • Do I need special needles to sew coated fabric?
    For coated fabrics: 
    -You can sew it with a normal universal needle, but not too fine ( size 90 is good). 
    -A special machine foot can be useful (but not mandatory), it is the Teflon foot, which will slide more easily on the coated part (in case of overstitching). But you can do without it with little tricks like putting a sheet of tissue paper between the coated fabric and the foot at the time of sewing and that you will tear afterwards.

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