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Gaby Small Backpack Ladybird Gingham


The Gaby small backpack, my first backpack

Papa Pique and Mama Coud small backpack: finally a small backpack in waterproof fabric, resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for kindergarten children and for the first outings. Plain or coloured, our Gaby backpack will please your little ones who will be delighted to take along a new companion for the next break time, which will contain their great snacks and other funny gadgets.
The little Gaby backpack is ideal for the little ones. The Gaby backpack is easy to use due to its weight and easy openings, and is also ergonomically designed. Like our large Gaby backpack, the small backpack version will make your child fall in love with it. 
Finally, thanks to its adjustable straps, your child will be able to use the backpack for several years.
Size Petit
Age Range Enfant 3-8 ans
Capacity 4 L
Sizes L 23,5 x H 29 x P 6,5 cm
Main material Coton enduit
Front pocket L 22 x H 18 cm
  • The Gaby small backpack is suitable for children going to nursery, kindergarten and primary school. The shape is suitable for both boys and girls. 
  • Equipped with a zip that allows a wide and easy opening of the bag, it is possible to slip in a cuddly toy, a change of clothes, a snack but also school stuff. 
  • A school bag that also has an external zipped pocket, practical for slipping in papers to give to the teacher. 
  • Your baby's first backpack that can follow him for several years thanks to its adjustable straps. 
  • A revisited and ultra-modern shape for a backpack like the big ones.
With its waterproof waxed fabric, whether it is a baby backpack or a kindergarten backpack, water will not get inside, and even if you stain it, it can be easily washed in a washing machine at 30°.  

If you have any questions about your small backpack, please contact our customer service or one of our PPMC shops.
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