Free delivery and returns in shop            Last chance: 50% off. Take advantageon here

Free delivery and returns in shop            Last chance: 50% off. Take advantageon here

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Repair Service

We give a second life to your PPMC fabric items

For more than 25 years, at Papa Pique et Maman Coud, we have been making resistant and durable fabric accessories so that they can accompany you as long as possible.
However, after having followed you to work, on a walk, on vacation... your favorite accessory is starting to show signs of tiredness or has been damaged over the years?
Convinced that every object can have a second life and concerned about reducing our environmental footprint, we offer a free repair service during the 12 months following your purchase in our store or on our website.
After this period, a participation of 10 € (per item) will be asked.
Drop off your worn item, we will repair it in our workshop in Brittany and send it back to you within 3 weeks (delays may vary).

Which repairs are taken in charge ?

If you notice that your item has become unraveled over time, if one of the fasteners has broken or a handle has given way, we can probably repair it, but before anything else, we must have the feasibility of the repair validated by our seamstresses.
We invite you to send your request by email, with photos, to our customer service, via this form.

It is imperative to wait for our return before sending/dropping off your item!

How much does the PPMC repair service cost?

If you bought your item less than a year ago, the repair is 100% free. You don't have to pay anything, you just have to provide us with the proof of payment.
If it is more than one year old, we can also repair your item for a fixed price of 10€.

How to benefit from the Papa Pique et Maman Coud repair service?

Free and fast, drop off your item in one of our PPMC stores.
If you are not lucky enough to have a store nearby, once you have the return of our teams concerning the reparability of your article, you can send it to us, at your expense, to the following address :

Papa Pique and Maman Coud
Service Réparation
Z.A de Kerran
56470 Saint-Philibert
The article must be returned to us with this repair form.

Download the return form

Your article will be repaired in our workshop and sent back to your home or to a PPMC store within 2 to 3 weeks (time may vary).

What happens if my item is not repairable?

If your item has a manufacturing defect that is found and validated by our workshop within one year of your purchase and cannot be repaired, we will replace it free of charge.
Non-repairable items with a wear defect, even if they are less than one year old, will not be replaced.
If you have a question about our repair service, you can contact our customer service via our contact form.