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Free delivery and returns in shop            Last chance: 50% off. Take advantageon here

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Finance your school and association projects with a group sale of PPMC accessories

Are you a member of a parents' association? Are you committed to your organisation and looking for a new project that's easy to set up and won't take up too much time, to help you finance your projects for the year?

Papa Pique et Maman Coud is offering a group sale that will enable families to take advantage of reduced prices on the entire website (excluding special offers and low prices) and to give 15% of the proceeds back to the school. This is an opportunity for parents to make savings on school accessories (school bags, pencil cases, pouches, etc.) or Christmas presents, while helping to fund the school's projects.

Who are we? Papa pique et Maman Coud is a family-run brand from Brittany that makes hair and fashion accessories as well as colourful fabric bags. From scrunchies and beach bags to baby bibs and scarves, we offer over a hundred products at affordable prices that are renowned for their durability. For over 25 years, our colourful fabric accessories have been given as gifts all year round (holiday souvenirs, Mother's Day, gifts for the teacher, Christmas, birthdays, etc.), delighting children and adults alike. It's a passion that's been passed down from generation to generation.

By taking part in this group sale, your association will be able to benefit from a 15% reversion of sales to finance your projects. For example, if your sale reaches €2,000, this represents a gain of €300 for your organization. 

What are the advantages of the PPMC group sale for your school?

  • A win-win project:
    • A 15% reversion of sales to finance your school projects
    • A 10% discount for all parents, so you can make gifts at low prices (excluding special offers and low prices)
  • Simplified sales via our website, giving you access to a complete catalogue
  • A code that can be shared with friends and family to promote your operation and maximise revenue
  • You choose the best time to launch your operation among three key periods 
  • Grouped delivery to the school in the week of your choice
  • Pre-packaged, named orders. No preparation required, all you have to do is distribute the orders!
  • A ready-to-use communication kit distributed: posters, flyers, social networking kit, etc. We can support you from A to Z if you wish
  • No cash flow to manage as all sales are made via our website and the 15% fee is paid to you at the end of the operation. 

Testimonial from Sainte Cécile school in Theix (56): "We really appreciated the operation and how easy it was to set up. We almost didn't have to manage anything, and that's great because we don't have a lot of time. We hope to repeat the operation on a regular basis each year."

The group sale works simply:

Families place their orders directly on the website during the period defined together. Using their personalised promotional code, they receive a 10% discount on all items on the site (excluding special offers and low prices) and free delivery direct to the school.

We prepare nominative parcels so that all you have to do is distribute the orders to the pupils.


How to order online using the promotional code sent to the school:

  1. Add the products to your basket
  2. Enter the code supplied to you in the "I have an advantage code" field to apply the 10% discount
  3. Confirm the basket
  4. Fill in your details (billing address)
  5. Choose the "Delivery to school" delivery method
  6. Enter your child's surname, first name and class
  7. Pay online (secure payment - please use credit cards and Paypal)
  8. Confirm your order
  9. Collect your order from your school at the end of the operation

Would you like to sign up for a group sale?

It's so easy! Just write to us with the following information:

 - School name :  
 - Town : 
 - Postcode :  
 - Department :  
 - Association contact :  
 - Contact e-mail address :  
 - Contact telephone number : 
 - Delivery address :
 - Desired date of operation : 
 - 23 september/ 13 october 2024
 - 10/ 29 march 2025
 - 5/ 18 may 2025
Once your school has registered, we will contact you with details of the operation (promotional code, delivery of posters, communications recommendations, etc.) and answer any questions you may have.

For communication purposes, each school or association will receive : 

- 2 laminated A3 posters (by post)
- 1 PDF flyer (sent by email) for photocopying
- 1 ready-to-use Facebook communication kit

If you have any questions or would like to set up a group sale, please contact Customer Services on or our contact form