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Cosmetic bag

Choosing your toiletry kit is an important step in preparing a trip. It is necessary to think of the functional side to contain all the necessary toilet and beauty without neglecting the aesthetic side. PPMC Travel Packages meet these two criteria. Their large format allows to slide the necessary of toilet and the colors printed floral, geometric, glittery will appeal to all. The inside pockets also make it possible to wedge the liquid bottles to prevent them from spilling inside. The coated face provides even more guaranteed anti leak and is hygienic. This toiletry kit can also be used daily in a changing bag to hold everything you need for your baby or as a makeup kit to store in the bathroom.

Benefits of the PPMC Toiletry Kit:

- Phthalate-free coated cotton fabric prevents liquids from leaking
- Convenient interior pockets for storage
- Large format