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The fleece neck strap for children: softness to pass the winter.

During the winter, children are often exposed to the cold in the playground, in the park, on their way to school. PPMC offers a trendy and practical way to protect them from falling temperatures. The polar tube wrap will soon be their essential winter ally. Very easy to slip on even by the smallest, this polar snood stay in place and does not risk falling or bothering your child when he is playing outside. Fake polar fur cuts cold and wind and keeps your child warm in a gentle way.

Why choose the PPMC polar tube scarf ?

The Polar Neck Wrap is the solution if your child often forgets or loses his or her classic scarf when he or she removes it during his or her activities. Practical and space-saving, your child will not need to remove his polar snood that will stay in place without bothering him or her and without slipping.

Fake polar fur is soft and does not scratch, unlike a wool wrap, ideal for sensitive skin of young children. In addition, the material was studied to retain body heat near the neck.

The prints on offer are very cute and suitable for children, with full colors of good mood even in the middle of winter.

How to clean my child’s winter tube wrap?

Your child can get dirty during his activities, no panic! The PPMC polar tube wrap is very simple to maintain. Simply machine it at 30° and you will find your polar snood as soft and clean as it was originally