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Agrumes Pop

A sweet and sour collection.

Lemonade or orange juice?

Imagine a warm, sunny day, where the ripe, juicy fruits of summer burst with sweet and tart flavors. Now, imagine those bright colors and flavors transformed into a collection of bags, clutches, kits and fashion accessories.
That's exactly what Papa Pique and Maman Coud's Citrus Pop collection offers - an explosion of bright, bold colors inspired by the freshest, juiciest citrus. This collection is full of pep and energy, with hues of lemon yellow, tangerine orange and raspberry pink, to name a few of the shimmering colors.
The products in the Citrus Pop collection are crafted from soft, durable fabrics, making them perfect for summer adventures. Imagine yourself lounging on the beach, warm sand between your toes, with your Citrus Pop pouch at the ready to store your sunglasses and sunscreen.
So, if you want to add a fresh and vibrant touch to your summer wardrobe, the Citrus Pop collection from Papa Pique and Maman Coud is an absolute must-have. Get ready to make a splash with these bright and playful fashion accessories.
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