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Document Holder A4

Finally a pretty document holder to go to a meeting in style! At Papa Pique et Maman Coud, we have decided to revolutionize your organization with a fabric document holder for all your A4 papers. Very practical, this case can contain sheets, 1 or 2 notebooks, a notebook and even a tablet. You can also slip a few pens, pencils and post-it into the second pocket on the front of the briefcase. In short, take everything you need to go to a meeting or visit a client and make a splash with its colorful printed fabric.

And since at PPMC we think of everything, you can even use it as a bag organizer by slipping this document holder into your bowling bag or backpack. And if you can't slip it in your bag, hang a small strap on the small tab of the pouch and wear it on the wrist or in the hand.

A nice gift for the start of the school year to have fun or offer to get back to work or school on the right foot!