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The A4 document cover: the essential for your professional meetings

Finally a nice document holder to go to meetings in style! At Papa Pique et Maman Coud, we've decided to revolutionise your organisation with a fabric document holder for all your A4 papers. Very practical, this case can hold sheets, 1 or 2 notebooks, a notebook and even a tablet. However, it is not suitable for carrying a laptop, unless you slip it into the document holder and then into a special carrying case. Just like our A5 document bag, you can also slip a few pens, pencils and post-it notes into the second pocket on the front of the bag. In short, take everything you need to go to a meeting or visit a client and make a splash with its colourful printed fabric.

And because PPMC thinks of everything, you can even use it as a bag organizer by slipping it into your bowling bag or backpack. And if you can't fit it in your bag, attach a small lanyard to the small tab on the pouch and wear it on your wrist or hand. Made of coated fabric, it is more resistant and will fit all your projects!

A nice back to school gift to treat yourself or to give as a present to go back to work or school on the right foot!


How to use the A4 document cover?

The document cover is practical for storing A4 sheets, 1 or 2 notebooks and even a notebook. You can also put pens or small everyday items in the small pocket on the front.

How to wear the A4 document cover?

The PPMC A4 Document Pouch has a small tab on the side so that it can be combined with all your bags. Simply select a small removable strap of your choice and attach it to your favourite bag. The document protector can be used as a sorter or as a storage space inside your backpack or bowling bag.

Our care tips

As with most Papa Pique and Maman Coud items, we recommend that you wash your coated fabric document protectors at 30°C in the washing machine.