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The short PPMC Foulchie: the trendy hair accessory

Fall for our new essential accessory for the hair: the short foulchie. This mix between a scrunchie and a scarf will be ideal for quick, simple and above all original hairstyles. So, treat yourself to the Papa Spades and Mum Sews 2-in-1 Ribbon Scrunchie that can be transformed to your liking by removing the ribbon from the scrunchie. The new darling to absolutely have in your bathroom to style your hair. The short foulchie will accompany all your outfits with elegance, with our wide choice of colors and PPMC patterns.

The foulchie runs, for whom?

We created the short foulchie to offer this fashion darling to both women with long hair and those with a mid-length cut. The short foulchie is also more suitable for children. This ribbon scrunchie is suitable for all hair types, it all depends on the hairstyle you want to do.

What hairstyles to achieve with a short foulchie?

As with our long foulchie, you can achieve many hairstyles that are out of the ordinary and still so easy to do with this unique accessory.

The half ponytail:

You hesitate between a hairstyle attached and detached, opt for the half-tail. To achieve a very quick and colorful half ponytail, follow our tips ... First, part your hair in 2, starting from your ears. All you have to do is tie the top part with the foulchie's darling and then let the ribbon wander through your still loose hair.

A colorful upside-down braid bun:

Want a bun that changes your habits? Lean forward, braiding your hair from below to the middle of your head. Once it's done, straighten up and then hook all your hair (including those that have started to be braided) in a ponytail using a thin elastic. Roll up your hair to create a bun and secure it with our short foulchie. And there you have it, a simple, quick and original hairstyle in less than 5 minutes.

And if you want to combine your accessories, you can get a short foulchie with a headband or bags by choosing those from the same collection.