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The furoshiki: the zero waste alternative to wrap your gifts

Each year, around 20,000 tonnes of gift wrapping paper is used in France and only half is properly recycled. To solve this problem, why not switch to an eco-responsible gift wrapping method? The furoshiki is the new zero-waste alternative for wrapping your gifts without polluting. Say goodbye to the pile of torn wrapping paper that clutters the room at the holiday season.


Furoshiki petit modèle 32 x 32 cm - Emballage zéro-déchet PPMC
Furoshiki taille moyenne 48 x 48 cm Papa Pique et Maman Coud
Grand Furoshiki 73 x 73 cm - Emballage Cadeau en Tissu Papa Pique et Maman Coud

What is the furoshiki?

Of Japanese origin, furoshiki is a piece of fabric traditionally used to wrap gifts and objects. Specifically, furoshiki is the name of the folding technique used to wrap his gift in fabric. Furoshiki is also called "origami of fabric" because the methods of folding are very varied.

How does furoshiki work?

Pack your gifts in a zero waste way, nothing is simpler and in addition, the rendering is super pretty!
Many tutorials and techniques to wrap your gifts, you will find your happiness among the many ways to fold. However, the size of the furoshiki is to be defined according to the size of the object to be packed. With a square furoshiki, multiply by 3 the length of the gift to have a large enough margin to make a small knot. For example, if your object is 30 centimeters long, a 90x90cm fabric will be needed.

Which fabric to use for a furoshiki?

 To achieve your reusable and eco-friendly packaging, it is better to use a fabric that is printed on both the front and back sides because when folding, it is possible that both sides are visible.   More concretely, it is recommended to use a plain fabric because they are often homogeneous on both sides. 
At PPMC, we offer you high-quality, over-thrown fabrics for a clear and accurate rendering of your zero waste gift packaging.                                                                            
There are many ways to fold a furoshiki. PPMC has created a simple and quick tutorial for you that will allow you to pack most of your gifts.