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Which hair clip to choose for fine hair?

Want to add volume to your fine hair? Can't find the right hair clip for your straight hair? To hold your hair in place and give it a little volume, discover our different Papa Pique and Maman Coud hair clips that are suitable for fine hair.  
Our tips for choosing a hair clip for fine hair

Why use a hair clip?

The barrette consolidates, enhances and maintains your hair in all circumstances. It can be used as an attachment for a ponytail, fix a rebellious strand, bring a small aesthetic touch to your hairstyle.  
First of all, hair clips are loved for their color, their shape and on straight hair a pretty clip placed on the side with a few strands of hair becomes hot.  
It has come back in force for a few years with clips for a fashion hair accessory for young and old.  
But it will also be used to attach your ponytail or half ponytail or a bun or even a braid. To embellish a hairstyle the hair clip is perfect for fine hair. Allow yourself to fall for a stylish and functional hair clip. 

How to choose a hair clip for fine hair?

First of all, it is important to understand your hair. Fine or even very straight hair has little or no wave, so it can slide through clips, scrunchies and often a lot of barrettes. This is where the choice of hair clip will be crucial to find a hair clip that fits your fine hair.  

The crocodile hair clip, a safe bet  

The crocodile clip is a reliable hair clip among the different hair clips. Thanks to its teeth positioned on the top and its spring, your smoothest and finest hair is secured and held in place without pulling or damaging it. 
It can be used for a sophisticated hairstyle, to hold a rebellious fringe or strand, or to clear the hair from the face. It is also suitable for short and long hair and is a must-have in hair accessories. 

The click-clack frame for children

Usually when you have straight hair you don't choose click-clack hair clips. Well, this click-clack hair clip can also be used for fine hair. The click-clac frame is a barrette where you slide your hair inside the frame and then clip it in. Our click frame was chosen to be a non-slip frame so it is perfect for fine hair. Available in several forms, the clic-clac hair clip Papa Pique et Maman Coud will seduce you and your children too. 
Its little plus, it is very easy to use.  

The flat barrette, the best friend of fine hair

The flat hair clip, small knot or small cat, is ideal for very fine hair. Its one-click closing system allows to hold the hair strand well. No risk of slipping thanks to its special closure, it is perfect for fine hair.  
The large size barrettes will allow to contain the totality of your hair or at least the biggest part. Thus, it will be possible to replace an elastic in a very elegant way or even to hide it. 

The hair clip for fine hair, fashion accessory

What if your hair clip could be used as a fashion accessory?  

It is a real fashion accessory that can be used as a look accessory. We can divert our barrettes from their primary function by clipping them to a sweater, by hanging them on a bag, a satchel. Our barrettes can also be used to attach a small pouch to a large pouch to get more storage in our handbag. 

Discover hair clips

How to maintain a hair clip

Our fabric hair clips are designed with the greatest care and are made to last. In our partner workshops for over 30 years, PPMC hair clips are handmade.  
To care for your hair clips, we recommend that you do not put them in the washing machine. Instead, wipe the metal part with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol and clean the fabric part with Marseille soap. Please dry the metal part quickly.  


Choosing a hair clip for fine hair will be a breeze. Choose your frame and the pattern or shape that you want to match your outfit or haircut.  The hair clip will be for you more than a simple hair accessory but a fashion accessory to enhance your look. Discover all the shapes of Papa Pique and Maman Coud hair clips to stay stylish all year long.