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Which hair clip to choose for thick hair

Do you have thick hair that is difficult to style? Don't hesitate to try the Papa Pique and Maman Coud hair clips. From classic, ethnic or original styles, to fancy patterns and plain fabrics, kids and adults will find what they are looking for among our selection of trendy and colorful hair accessories.  
How to choose the right hair clip when you have thick hair?

The hair clip as a fashion accessory

The large hair clip is a fashion accessory that can add a little pizzazz to a look. For a special occasion, the hair clip can easily accessorize a simple hairstyle. To hold a rebellious lock on the side or to dress up a ponytail or even a pretty braid, it is the perfect hair accessory. 
Women with thick hair can opt for a curved barrette to hold a low hairline, or a crocodile clip barrette to tame a few scattered strands. For little girls with thick hair, cat or bird clips made of quality fabric and available in all the most original patterns, will make them fashionable accessories. 

Clip-on barrettes with notch clasp

Our barrettes are sewn onto 6 cm clip fasteners and grip the hair well without slipping, they are very often used to make ponytails, half-tails and can also be slipped into a chic bun. 

Our large barrettes, flowers and bow ties with clip frames of 6 cm 

The clip-on frame is very practical and easy to put on thick hair of children and adults. With its easy to clip frame, it allows to tie the whole hair, or the thick bangs when they are too long and fall on the face, and thus to free the ears. 
In the shape of daisy flowers, for a chic and spring look, it can also be attached to a bag. 
You can also choose it in the shape of a bow tie, to hold a bun or tie a braid.

For the thick hair of the little ones, crocodile hair clips:

With little crocodile teeth that don't hurt but hold thick hair strands securely in place, you can use them daily.  
A few hairs are enough to hold the crocodile hair clip in place, make a half-tail or attach bangs. You can choose a pretty butterfly or a small whale for your ceremony, baptism etc. ... 
Sold by 2, the crocodile hair clip is very easy to put on and does not slip! Shiny with many patterns, it adapts to everyday looks. 
Care of hair clips
Our fabric hair clips are designed with the utmost care and are made to last. 
To maintain your hair clips, we recommend that you wipe the metal part with a cloth soaked in alcohol at 90 degrees. In case of stain on the fabric, you can clean the stained part with Marseille soap and make sure to dry the metal part immediately. To learn more, see our article dedicated to the maintenance of hair clips.

Hair clips: a hair accessory but not only!

Why not collect barrettes? Match them to your children's outfits, collect them by The PPMC colorful fabric barrette is a trendy fashion accessory to wear in your hair, but not only ...  
We love to use it as a bag accessory or even to customize our wardrobe. You can easily add your favorite barrette on your Bag&Zip by slipping it through the loop of its flap for example. You can also customize your own bags and cases or even your own clothes. Find out which PPMC frame is right for your hair by choosing from the different types of PPMC frames: click clips, alligator clips, clip-on clips and flat clips. 

To all those who have thick hair, fall for the large PPMC barrettes. For women and girls alike, they will give a touch of color, volume and originality to all your hairstyles. Wear them for everyday wear or for a ceremony to hold back a few strands, in a half-tail or in a bun. Adopt now a hair clip large size timeless became trendy again.