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Free delivery on purchases of £50 or more in Point Relais !       In-store delivery is free 

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5 looks to go to the beach

The vacations, the sun, the beach... Yes, summer is coming soon! We love summer for its good mood, the sun that tans our skin, the colorful wardrobe, the whole days at the beach and so on! All your looks are ready: the pretty white dress, the light colored blouse, the faithful jean shorts, the swimsuit... But wait, aren't you missing some accessories ?  
Don't panic, at Papa Pique and Maman Coud, we help you find the perfect accessories. Today, we offer you 5 ideas of looks to go to the beach, without forgetting the accessories.  

For a trendy look

No question, this summer you want to be the most stylish to go to the beach. We know exactly what you need: linen shorts with a matching open shirt. Why open? To show off your favorite trendy swimsuit that we want to be colorful with sequins or plain unstructured. On the feet, a pair of shoes with black or brown leather characters. To add a trendy touch, don't forget your phone bag to carry on your shoulder to have the necessary. On the head, it's the great return of the jersey headband to wear without moderation. 

For a practical look

Going to the beach with your family? Then you need a practical look. For this first look idea, what we are looking for is an easy outfit that will allow you to run after your kids, bring back the umbrella, carry the beach bags but still trendy. For this look, we see very well a simple tee-shirt or a nice one-piece swimsuit with your eternal jean shorts. On the feet, a simple, comfortable and trendy pair of your favorite birks. For the accessories, we bet on a big scrunchie with a bun or a ponytail or a wristband just in case. And of course, we opt for the big PPMC tote bag in coating, too practical by its shape and its coated material.  

For a bohemian look

We love the bohemian look. Before the beach, a flowing floral or plain maxi dress in natural tones and materials like cotton gauze or linen. A pair of rope shoes, practical and trendy with an irresistible bohemian look. Don't forget the tote bag to carry your foutah, your book, your sun cream and your water bottle. On the beach, a small swimsuit in crochet or fringed. To keep a bohemian look on the sand, nothing is more effective than a scarf tied around the head. In addition to protecting you from the sun, you will be the most bohemian of the beach! 

For a classic look

No need to procrastinate too long in front of your dressing room, opt for a classic but effective look. A nice plain flowing dress is always a good idea. We choose black or white to match with pretty flip-flops: the trend of the season 2022. On the sand, a plain swimsuit, one or two pieces, without fuss will always be effective. To tame your mane from the wind that can be found on some coasts, we opt for a pretty headband in Black Gingham.   

For a chic look

To stay chic, even in the heat of the summer, you can't resist loose but well-tailored clothes. A nice light white blouse tucked into high-waisted flowing shorts in the same material. On the feet, we opt for pretty brown mules. On the sand, a one-piece swimsuit one shoulder plain. The most PPMC: the scarf tassels that we put around the waist in sarong mode, a trendy accessory that is back in force in 2022. On the head, to keep a hairstyle worthy of the name, we crack for one or two fabric clic clac barrettes.