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Bring a bohemian touch to your look

Ethnic patterns, floral prints, colorful fabrics ... the bohemian style for years evolves, but remains timeless.
Brought by small touches and perfectly associated, it will be able to suit as well to your outfit for the office, for the weekend or for the beach. Dosed correctly, the bohemian style ensures you a trendy look in any season. 
How to adopt the bohemian style?

But let's talk a little history before evoking the bohemian style...

Before being a clothing style, it is above all a culture born in the 70s symbolizing freedom and creativity. But know that the bohemian style goes back further, since it appeared during the Bohemian trend in the 19th century with colorful and loose clothing. Worn by artists, they wanted to counter the traditional codes of the bourgeoisie. It is much later, in the 60's, that the bohemian style makes its return as well on the dressing side as on the decoration side.

So, which outfit for a bohemian style?

Good news, the bohemian style adapts to all outfits and it remains trendy. Whether you are going to the office, to the beach with your girlfriends or for a family weekend, it is possible to find the ideal bohemian outfit. Feminine, romantic and relaxed, the bohemian style is becoming more and more popular. Follow the guide! 

At the office: 

The beautiful days are here and you want a romantic touch to your day outfit? No problem! It is possible to adopt the bohemian style, but be careful not to fall too much into the casual style... Pair a pleated long skirt or a long skirt with prints with a plain white top, or choose a long dress and mark the waist with a braided leather belt. 
For pants, choose a flare jean that you can wear with a white blouse for a light outfit or dare the blouse in pink tones for a bucolic outfit. Don't forget the little scarf hanging on the handbag for the detail that changes everything.  

At the beach:

Summer rhymes with beach! We take out our casual outfits with summer colors and we go to lie down on the warm sand. Choose a short dress with lace that will reveal your beautiful legs, or a long and loose dress with ethnic patterns. You are rather short? Prefer washed and slightly worn shorts associated with a tee-shirt that you can tie at the navel or with a blouse. Don't forget the big bag to put a towel, a book, the sun cream... 

For a family weekend:

You're going away for a family weekend with relaxation and festive moments, like a restaurant outing, prepare your suitcase accordingly without having to bring your entire wardrobe! The long dress in a solid color is a no-fail, during the day prefer it with sandals and a big hat, in the evening trade your sandals for wedges, a small clutch and a belt at the waist for a more chic style.  
Also think of the fluid shorts with high waist associated with a tank top, a loose shirt or a blouse in broderie anglaise. You'll be a sensation on the weekend! 

Accessories for a bohemian style

Accessories are often the final touch to an outfit. For this style of clothing, it is even essential! Discover the ones that will make your outfit the most bohemian. 

The headband or bandana: 

Certainly the iconic accessory of the bohemian style. Wear it for a romantic hairstyle or for an unstyled effect, it has the advantage of settling quickly on your hair while ensuring a chic bohemian style. 


Close to the headband, the scarf can be worn in the hair, around the neck or wrist, or even tied on the handbag or on the waist of a pair of pants as a belt. Glamorous as can be, the scarf chosen wisely embodies the bohemian style as it should! 

The shoulder bag:

Impossible to go out without a shoulder bag! The shoulder bag, trendy and practical, is adorned with colors and natural materials like rattan or suede. For a colorful and ethnic touch, think about patterned bags without going overboard. 


For a bohemian style, jewelry is an important element to refine the look. Opt even for the accumulation of jewelry! Long necklaces, bracelets, rings ... golden, silver or natural materials, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of bohemian jewelry, and if some have a stone it's even better.  

Spice up your basic outfit with a bohemian pattern!

You don't want to change your entire wardrobe to get a bohemian style, and we understand you. Nothing could be easier, using all our previous tips, take your basics and simply spice them up with colorful accessories. Whether they are ethnic or floral inspired, the patterns that make up the bohemian style will dress up your outfits nicely, and that in all seasons.  
Bohemian style accessories at Papa Pique and Maman Coud
Like you, we love the bohemian style! Our team of stylists has found the perfect patterns and colors for this style. Find our new Bohemian Green collection in all our accessories to be the most beautiful in beautiful days. The water green enhanced with small shades of bright colors brings as much softness as pep to your outfit. It is also possible to combine it with the Coral lurex gauze collection which remains a timeless.  

So, which accessory(ies) will you fall for? The pompom scarf, the scarfie, the crossed headband, the scrunchie, the tote bag... ?