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Mixing prints for a trendy look

We are always a little afraid to mix prints together when it comes to a look. And yet it works if you know how to dose them with subtlety. In this article, we'll give you some ideas on how to mix and match prints, as well as some basic rules to get trendy looks without any false notes!
Ready for the "mix & match"? 

How to mix prints?

Even if everyone's tastes are different, there are some basic rules to know to avoid faux-pas. There are many prints, just like colors, so before opening your dressing room, choose what will be the main thread of your outfit: the print or the color? 

Indeed, for a harmonious outfit, favor a coherent set.  

Mix by the print:

No more than 3 prints together, this is the basic rule to know. If you're just starting out, choose the same pattern and play with the proportions, i.e. different sizes. For example, a large print on top and the same smaller one on the bottom, or the other way around. 

Want to go further in terms of mixing? Then follow the rule of 3: 60 / 30 / 10. This translates into 60% of your outfit having a large print and being the most conspicuous, 30% of your outfit having a medium print and 10% of your outfit having a discreet print, especially used in accessories. 

Mixing with color:

Color is one of the essential bases for an eye-pleasing outfit. There are two possibilities: either have one color in common in your prints, or play with contrasts, but again no more than 3 colors together. 
As in decoration, rely on chromatic harmony that will allow you to mix different patterns. A harmony from light to dark for a color gradient, also called cameo, a complementary harmony like blue with orange or an analogous harmony which consists in taking a color close to the key color like navy blue and light blue. 

Also play on the intensities by associating pastel colors with soft colors, deep colors with intense colors, bright colors with saturated colors. 
But be careful not to overdo the colors, at the risk of ending up like a multicolored Christmas tree! 
If you start with a neutral base, such as a white or ecru background, mix prints without fear. The combination of prints with monochrome or bicolor (black or white + a color) is also safe. 

Mix with style!

"The outfit is going to be too busy", "I don't dare associate prints together", "It doesn't go with my morphology"... We all have apprehensions when it's time to choose our outfit for the day, and it's normal. But know that mixing prints is trendy, so do not hesitate and enjoy yourself.  
Some associations of prints work better than others, here are some examples: 
  • Flowers and polka dots for a bucolic and summer look. 
  • Animal prints for a 100% wild and trendy look. 
  • Horizontal and vertical stripes for a modern look. 
  • Stripes are combined with many patterns for a chic look. 
  • Polka dots and stripes for a timeless look by keeping the polka dots for the upper body and choose vertical stripes for the lower body. 
  • Flowers in different sizes for a spring look. 
  • Tartan and checks for a preppy look. 
  • Polka dots and checks, one romantic and the other more preppy, a perfect mix. 

Vous avez totalement le droit d’être encore un peu timide face au mix d’imprimés. Nous vous conseillons de commencer par introduire un imprimé supplémentaire avec un accessoire. Foulard, sac, chouchou, pochette… seront un bon début pour appréhender le « mix & match ». 
Si vous souhaitez vous lancer, commencez par des tons neutres et des imprimés discrets. Petit à petit, vous prendrez de l’assurance au moment de composer vos tenues et selon vos goûts personnels, de jolis looks se révéleront. Alors amusez-vous !