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Portrait of Céline or @mpchoco, a sewing enthusiast

Passionate about sewing, patterns and beautiful fabrics, discover Céline from the Merci pour le Chocolat blog, where she shares her love of sewing and good addresses. We present her portrait and her favorites from Papa Pique and Maman Coud among our latest fabric releases.
Dive into the colorful world of fabrics

Discover the creative and inspiring world of @mpchoco, the content creator who thrills the sewing community with her passion for fabrics and love of colorful patterns.
Our new fabrics have caught her eye, and she'll be delighted to share her favorites and sewing tips with you, on Thursday March 21, 2024 live for a fabric live with Amandine from the PPMC team.

New fabrics

Let yourself be transported into a world of bold, colorful patterns with the new fabrics from Papa Pique et Maman Coud. From vibrant florals to modern geometric patterns and on-trend animal prints, this collection offers a variety of choices to satisfy all your creative desires. Whether you're looking for a fabric to make a light summer dress or to add a touch of whimsy to your home decor, you'll find what you're looking for among these new arrivals.


An invitation to creativity

This new fabric collection is a real invitation to creativity. Whether you're passionate about sewing, patchwork or creating accessories, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and transform these beautiful fabrics into unique, personalized creations that reflect your style and personality.


Who's behind Merci pour le Chocolat?

Céline Dupont, also known by her Merci pour le Chocolat nickname, is the happy mother of 3 grown-up children. Formerly from Toulouse, she has been living in Vannes in Brittany for 25 years, and loves her adopted region!

Passionate about images, photography and the Internet, she's a real creative hobbyist, and her camera is never far away. When she's not wandering around France or the world, she's haunting the dance halls, where she's been practicing ballet for 40 years and contemporary for 20 or so...

Her blog was created in May 2006, as she wanted to share the mischief and childishness of her then small children, as well as her experiences as a young mother. Over the years, her blog has grown to cover a wide range of topics including travel, lifestyle, family and everyday life. Today, she continues to share handmade DIYs, recipe ideas and, most recently, sewing tutorials and advice.

How long have you loved sewing?

Céline tried her hand at sewing in 2010 with a few classes and small creations, but they didn't inspire her to continue. It was in 2019 that she sewed her first garment, followed by the purchase of a good sewing machine in 2020 that launched her into the world of sewing and fabrics. The blogs and Instagram accounts were numerous, which gave Céline the desire to continue her creations, mostly of clothing.

Why Papa Pique and Maman Coud?

Céline tells us her story with PPMC, a story that goes back over 25 years. "I discovered the brand when I moved to Brittany, and it's been a real love affair ever since," she confides. "I love their cheerful, colorful prints, which evoke for me the spirit of vacations and summer markets." She goes on to talk about her close bond with the brand, which goes far beyond mere accessories. "My daughter, when she was little, was already wearing PPMC accessories, and today, at 23, she's still wearing them. It's a continuity, a story that's passed down through the generations." 

Patterns and creations

Patterns play a central role in the world of PPMC, and for Céline, they're a true source of inspiration. "PPMC patterns are unique and instantly recognizable," she explains. "They bring a touch of fun and originality to all my creations.

New Fabrics and Live Co-presented with Céline from MPCHOCO

Let's talk about the latest from PPMC. The brand has just unveiled an inspiring collection of fabrics, with ever bolder patterns and vibrant colors. To discover these new nuggets, join us for a live event co-presented with Céline from MPCHOCO, taking place on Thursday March 21 at 8:30pm. On the program: fabric discussions, pattern sharing, association tips and sewing tricks. A not-to-be-missed event for all textile enthusiasts!

First live with PPMC, not too apprehensive?

Speaking of creation, Céline tells us how excited she is to be taking part in her first live show as a couture designer. "I can't wait," she exclaims. "No stress, just the excitement of sharing my passion for fabrics and sewing tips. That's what's so great about PPMC fabrics: you can use them in many different projects and talk about them for hours." 
Céline has already been able to try out PPMC fabrics in various projects, such as this black gingham jumpsuit. A classic fabric sold by the meter on the Papa Pique et Maman Coud website and in fabric boutiques.