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Free delivery and returns in shop            Last chance: 50% off. Take advantageon here

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Make-Up Remover Glove Féérie Fuchsia

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Smaller than a washable makeup remover square, the makeup remover glove is also appreciated because it is more practical to use.

You can easily slip 2 or 3 fingers into it for more convenience during your makeup removal routine. Adopt this washable mini makeup remover glove without further delay, which, in addition to being good for your skin, will allow you to reduce waste in your bathroom and save money! With an average life span of 300 washes, a set of 7 gloves will be enough to last you a whole year.  

The little extra? Kids love to steal it from their mom. The size of this glove, perfect for their handcuffs, allows them to wash themselves with a glove of the right size! 
Easily transportable, it will slip into your toiletry bag and will accompany you during your travels and professional trips. Practical, thanks to its small tab, this glove can be hung up to dry! 
Great, kids love it too! The size of this glove is perfectly adapted to small handcuffs and makes it easy to use for daily grooming. One more step (gently) towards autonomy. 
Main material Coton
Lifetime Environ 300 lavages
How to use your make-up remover glove ?  

Wet your washable glove with warm water and rub it over your face 
If your make-up is resistant, don't hesitate to use your micellar lotion or your cleansing milk 
We advise you to wash your glove after each use 
No need to rub, the soft texture of this small makeup remover glove allows you to gently remove makeup without damaging your skin. 
We advise you to wash your make-up remover gloves after each use, in a washing machine at 40° or 50°C. To maximize their life span, it is preferable to use a washing net for your machine cycles. This will prevent the makeup remover gloves from clinging to the rest of the laundry and becoming damaged. For maximum softness, we recommend that you tumble dry them. 
Each glove lasts for approximately 300 washes. So a set of 7 PPMC makeup remover gloves will last you almost a year. 

If you have any questions about your makeup remover glove, please contact our customer service or one of our PPMC stores. 
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